Thanks Jeff was Re: Great finds at Auction Today and at Thrift

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Aug 21 11:34:00 2002

 Cocktails are fun. One can often convince the
significant other that these are really just tables
and should be part of the household furniture.

>From: John <>
>Thanks Jeff I found tons of information and manuals (they cost $20 each)
>the unit once I used the correct name (cocktail) for my google search. My
>cost $15.51 plus tax looks even better now that I found they sol for $1945
>back in 1980.
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>> >Best find of the day was at a thrift (I only had time to stop at 2 of
>> >it was a Atari 2-player table console titled Missile Command. It has a
>> >slot for 50 cent to play the game. You sit at this unit and put your
>> >into the controller pocket that has a big yellow trackball and three
>> >buttons for each player. They did not have the key to get into the unit
>> >I have not plugged it in yet to test. It's in great shape and is model
>> >number 23601. I checked on google and could not find any information on
>> >unit. Anyone know where I can get spec's on this unit and what it cost
>> Truly cool...a Missile Command cocktail unit. Mostly it's
>> stuff like PacMan that you see in that format. Here are a couple of
>> pictures of one:
>> Jeff
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