PowerUser external SCSI HD

From: chris <mythtech_at_mac.com>
Date: Wed Aug 21 15:46:00 2002

>Rodime had a deservedly bad name, but in the interest of fairness, my
>Mac Plus has a Rodime 20MB drive connected to it which has run 100% for
>a very long time.

I happen to have a pair of Rodime 20 Plus external drives, and a Rodime
40 external. All three were bought used from Computer <mumble mumble>
(can't remember the name, some Computer place that was a big Apple dealer
in the 80's and went out of business). They had a yearly warehouse
clearance sale, where all their stores sent unsold or used/returned
items, and they sold them to the public cheap.

I think I paid $200 for the 20's and $300 for the 40, this is when the
Mac SE had just moved to the FDHD, so they weren't that bad of prices (I
think they were about 50% off the normal price)

All three still work to this day (um... ok, maybe one of the 20 megs is
dead, not sure, but I am using one of the 20's right this very minute in
the next room, and the 40, last I knew was operational... since I can't
vouch for the where abouts of the other 20, it might be dead).

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