Troubles copying RT-11 tapes on VT103 (continued)

From: Megan <>
Date: Wed Aug 21 16:00:00 2002


This needs to be followed by the


and then it should be bootable. As for initializing the output
tape (DD1) first, yes... that is advisable:

        INIT/NOQ DD1:

However, I'm concerned by the INPUT and OUTPUT errors. The OUTPUT
error while doing the COPY/BOOT indicates that block 0 or 2-5
are bad on the output tape. These are the blocks which would
receive the boot code. The INPUT error from DD0 indicates that
they have a bad bootable tape... if it is the only copy they have,
then they really have a problem.

When the system is booting, it should be possible to interrupt
the startup command file by simply ^Cing as soon as you see the

        RT11FB V04.00

bootup banner.

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