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From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Wed Aug 21 16:03:00 2002

chris wrote:
> Well, one day, Rodime shipped Jasmine an entire lot of defective
> drives (and not a small lot, like thousands and thousands of them).
> Jasmine, sold these off, after packing them up, and doing their basic
> burn in. But the defects wouldn't show up until the drives had been
> run for some time... then Kapow... drive would die. Of course, this
> would happen about 60 days into good use, right before the 90 day
> warrenty expired.

> Suddenly Jasmine found themselves with many an angry customer,
> wanting a warrenty repair on their drive. More than they could afford
> to handle. So they tried to push the problem off on Rodime (after
> all, it was their drive that died), but Rodime denied responsibility,
> saying Jasmine bought the drives, and it was their problem to test
> them, and make sure they were good.
That's the sort of thing that would make me want to call my lawyer...

> Two good things came of this... 1: Rodime folded not long after
> because of similar problems (from what I understand at least, I know
> they closed, and I know they had a massive run of drives they sold to
> the public go out while under warrenty). So they pretty much got
> their just dues.
Surprisingly enough Rodime are still around. They're operating under a new
name and they've switched markets. They no longer make HDAs, they sell
licenses to use their patents...

> 2: A few of the Jasmine techs got together and formed a company, that
> was one of the first in a soon to grow industry of Data Recovery
> services of hard drives. They formed the company "Drive Savers" which
> advertises to this day in the back of most Mac magazines.
And I thought Ontrack were the first...

> the 80 MB Rodime/Jasmine that was the
> original, made a very nice wind chime).
I bet the HDA casing would have made a nice ashtray...

Anyone ever heard of a now-defunct drive maker called Kalok

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