Gnarly Z80 based desk/computer on eBay

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 12:13:52 2002

Wow!!! That is just gorgeous, true embodiment of the 70's computer
workstations that I remember seeing on TV long before I got to finally work
on computers in person. I remember seeing articles and even TV shows where
you saw computer systems that were integrated right into desks, I remember
seeing a lot of images of computers in brown faux wood desktops with
orange/yellow ascent drawers and such, true 70's look & feel.

Again... WOW!!!!! Cool!


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> I just received some 1977 Bytes magazines the other day and there was an
> ad + review of this monster. I can't imagine how you ship this thing.
> -Chandra
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> Noval 760 desk/computer on eBay. Like something out of Our Man Flynt,
> half the desk tilts up to expose the CRT and cassette drive! Z80 based
> and still working, somewhere in Kansas.
> No affiliation, and this one's so big I wouldn't even be interested if
> it were nearby.
> --Steve.
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