Reseating chips

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 12:25:01 2002

Rumor has it that Bob Lafleur may have mentioned these words:
>How many of you remember the problem of chips coming unseated in older
>computers (like the PET) and having to push all the chips down as the
>equipment ages?

Yes, a friend of mine likes to remind me that the standard repair tactic
for the Atari ST line was pick up the machine about 6 inches from the
counter & drop it...

>I've now got this problem with my Kurzweil MIDIBOARD (a 6502-based MIDI
>keyboard controller). A few months ago I had to open it and reseat all the
>chips. Now I have to do it again.
>Does anyone know any tricks to keep this problem from occuring? I fear I'm
>going to have to do this a lot now, especially with the vibrations of
>playing the keys.

Solder??? ;-)

Seriously, 1 thing you can do that may improve (but not totally fix) the
problem *fairly easily*, is remove the chip[s] from their socket, noting
their orientation, and gently clean the legs of the chips with a white
eraser, then replace. That might extend the amount of time between chip

The only way I know to totally fix the problem without soldering the chips
directly to the board, is to remove the chips, desolder the cheap
single/dual wipe sockets, and install the more expensive ( & reliable)
machine-turned pin sockets, then reinstall the chips. That should eliminate
the problem entirely, or maybe a reseat every coupla decades...

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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