Reseating chips

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 12:40:01 2002

--- "Fred Cisin (XenoSoft)" <> wrote:

> Best solution? unsolder all of the crummy sockets, and replace them with
> Augat gold plated michined sockets. Kinda a lot of work.

Speaking of which, does anyone know of any surplus sources of said
sockets? I have enough 20-pin and 24-pin turned-pin sockets to
do the projects I need to do (like my GG2 Bus+), but I'm perpetually
short of 14 and 16-pin sockets (as well as 28-pin and 40-pin).

I picked up a handful (all they had) of some 16-pin sockets at
Dayton this year at a price of several-for-a-dollar. If I could
find 14 and 16-pin sockets at $0.10 each in quantity, I'd buy

Oh... just realizing the possibility for confusion - I need solder-tail
sockets, not wire-wrap sockets. I _have_ a lifetime supply of turned-
pin DIP WW sockets of all sizes (up to 64-pin). I would expect WW
sockets to cost more than soldertail.

So... at the moment, the price to beat is 3/$1.35 (B.G.Micro). I'm
sure I can do better at Dayton next year, but that's 9 months away.
I could really use a few dozen right now to finish upgrading the RAM
in my stack of DEC Professionals (the daughter cards have 16 DRAMs
each - two per Pro350, 1 per Pro380 - remove old 4164s, add 41256s
and install two jumpers). I have enough sockets for one daughter
daughter card.


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