Video toaster and add-on cards

From: Gary Hildebrand <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 18:40:00 2002

Dan Veeneman wrote:
> Hello,
> I just picked up an Amiga Video Toaster (just the CPU unit). Inside on
> the
> left are the video toaster cards, but the two right-most slots have
> full length
> cards made by Digital Processing Systems Inc. The cards are daisy
> chained to a connector on the motherboard. Each card has four BNC
> connectors, a 5-pin DIN, an RJ-11 jack and a three-position switch on
> the
> rear slot panel. The back side of each card is covered with a
> full-length
> aluminum shield. The only identifying numbers I've found, besides the
> FCC ID, is "743-770", then "PT2 REV-3, Made in Canada".
> There is also a Supra memory card with 6 MB (three of four rows
> populated) and an A2091 hard card.
> I haven't tried to boot this yet since I need to locate an Amiga
> keyboard,
> but I'd be interested to know if anyone has any documentation on the
> Digital Processing Systems cards. Thanks!
> Cheers,
> Dan

Those two cards are time base correctors for video tape machines to play
into the Toaster.

BTW you can boot the CPU w/o a keyboard, you just can't do much without
it. An RGB monitor that syncs to 15 kHz would be nice, but for now if
you have a composite video monitor, just plug it into the RCA jack on
the back labeled VIDEO out, should have a yellow insulator. Keep your
eyes peeled for which WB version you have. If it has a basic looking
background and crude disk icons that is 1.3; if it is a grey background
and nicer looiking icons, it is probably Kickstart 2.04 or 3.x, which is
not altogether that common.

I have a bunch of toasters, 2091 SCSI controller cards, etc. and sorry
to say they aren't worth much on the used market since there are no NEW
Amigas being built to put them in. The keyboard alone is about $60, but
you can use a PC keyboard with an adapter which runs about $50. Check
with for the adapters.

Hope you don't have much money in it. Since it is incomplete, the cost
of making it whole will probably exceed the value of the Amiga/Toaster

Gary Hildebrand
St. Joseph, MO
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