Video toaster and add-on cards

From: Dan Veeneman <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 16:10:00 2002


I just picked up an Amiga Video Toaster (just the CPU unit). Inside on
left are the video toaster cards, but the two right-most slots have
full length
cards made by Digital Processing Systems Inc. The cards are daisy
chained to a connector on the motherboard. Each card has four BNC
connectors, a 5-pin DIN, an RJ-11 jack and a three-position switch on
rear slot panel. The back side of each card is covered with a
aluminum shield. The only identifying numbers I've found, besides the
FCC ID, is "743-770", then "PT2 REV-3, Made in Canada".

There is also a Supra memory card with 6 MB (three of four rows
populated) and an A2091 hard card.

I haven't tried to boot this yet since I need to locate an Amiga
but I'd be interested to know if anyone has any documentation on the
Digital Processing Systems cards. Thanks!


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