Sanyo MBC-555 - help?

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Fri Aug 23 17:25:01 2002

> > I've got one of these cuties (monochrome monitor), but no
> > software or docs. Disk spins on power up, but no text at
> > all on screen; have tried PC-DOS 1.0 through 3.3, but no
> > message of any sort. Is this normal with a non-Sanyo disk,
> > or does it have a problem?
> Try MS-DOS 1.25. Or, if you want to be truly retro,
> CP/M 86. :) This should work according to:

Whether or not THAT says that it will work, be aware that MS-DOS 1.25 is
an OEMed version, and each and every company that built a computer that
used it had a mutually incompatible version of it. SANYO MS-DOS 1.25
would certainly work. Morrow MS-DOS 1.25 won't, etc. A statement that
"MS-DOS 1.25 will work" is so incomplete as to be FALSE, even though there
exists a single true instance. Thus, it is as valid a statement as "Honda
600s can use Michelin tires" being interpreted to mean that because I have
a michelin tire, it will fit a Honda 600 (not ALL Michelin tires are
145x10!). MANY versions were close enough that they would at least
partially work, but not all. The Sanyo was an especially weird one,
particularly things such as MODE.COM.

Once you find a version of MS-DOS that works with it, then "well
behaved" MS-DOS programs will work. Note: that does not include any real
world software. Programs with well documented customization (such as
PC-Write) can be easily reconfigured for it.

The versions of MS-DOS with the most "customization" for
"non-standard" hardware were: 1.25, 2.11, 3.31
(ALL of those have characteristics that are not present in any
corresponding version of PC-DOS)

By MS-DOS 5.00, customization for "non-standard" hardware was no longer
Grumpy Ol' Fred
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