Sanyo MBC-555 - help?

From: James E. LaBarre <>
Date: Sun Aug 25 10:48:01 2002

Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:
>>Try MS-DOS 1.25. Or, if you want to be truly retro,
>>CP/M 86. :) This should work according to:
> Whether or not THAT says that it will work, be aware that MS-DOS 1.25 is
> an OEMed version, and each and every company that built a computer that
> used it had a mutually incompatible version of it. SANYO MS-DOS 1.25
> would certainly work. Morrow MS-DOS 1.25 won't, etc.

Anyone tried FreeDOS on these sort of "semi-PC-compatable" systems? If
you felt ambitious (and can program, which I can't), you could probably
tweak the OS for your particular configuration. Maybe even submit
patches back for others to custom-compile FreeDOS kernels for their own
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