Conclusion: Commodore 64 *is* lame!

From: Chris <>
Date: Sat Aug 24 21:43:00 2002

>Worse, I can't get the video to work if I plug the cable into the back of
>the 1702. I can only get it to work with the composite connector on the
>front. Maybe it's because I still don't have the right cable. Whatever.
>This is a nightmare.

The rear connectors on that monitor are Y/C connectors, not Color
Composite. So unless the cable is dumping out a Y/C signal, it might not
work there (although, IIRC, you should still get a B&W image when plugged
into one of the two channels... so maybe the rear inputs on that monitor
are broken?)

I also recall a switch back there for something. I can't verify as I sent
my 1702 to Toth along with a complete C64 system (which I have regretted
ever since, as it was a very complete system... but I suppose with him it
has a better home where it is really being used, as compared to me where
it probably would have sat in a box for the rest of time)

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