These darned old computers

From: Christopher McNabb <>
Date: Sun Aug 25 08:03:00 2002

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From: "Fred Cisin (XenoSoft)" <>
> It's a little like replacing an automobile drainpan gasket - NOT intended
> for field replacement.

Sure it is - if you have the right tools. I replaced my oil pan gasket
earlier this year. It wasn't that difficult. Here is the procedure I used:

1. Build new engine in basement over the winter. Add in lots of options
like flat-top pistions, performance cam, hi-flow intake, hi-flow carb,
performance crank shaft

2. Remove old engine with leaking seals, no compression, worn out bearings

3. Install new engine

ob. classiccmp stuff:
During the replacement, I removed the vintage engine control computer, since
it didn't know squat about the new engine and wouldn't have been able to
control it. Went from about a billion wires running to the engine to a
total of six - two for the distributor, two for the coil, and one each for
the temp sensor and oil pressure sensor. Any one interested in an engine
control computer for a 1982 Ford 302 motor?
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