Conclusion: Commodore 64 *is* lame!

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Aug 25 02:04:00 2002

--- Sellam Ismail <> wrote:
> So how come none of you C64 experts piped up to tell me that the video
> connector on the C64 changed over time? The later one had more pins, and
> the C64 video cable (that I searched all over for and finally found) only
> plugs into the newer style connector. It won't plug into the older ones
> because there are too many pins.

Only the Rev A mobo has 5 pins. Most (nearly all surviving) units
have a DIN-8 video connector, but only the 5 pins of a DIN-5 are
essential to get sound and video.

> Worse, I can't get the video to work if I plug the cable into the back of
> the 1702. I can only get it to work with the composite connector on the
> front. Maybe it's because I still don't have the right cable. Whatever.
> This is a nightmare.

Since you haven't mentioned if you are familiar with the 1702, let me
ask a (possible dumb) question - do you have the switch on the back
in the correct position? It's one way to use the chroma/luma inputs
on the back, the other way to use the composite input on the front.

If you want to use the chroma/luma inputs (recommended since they produce
a sharper image), start by identifying your cables. Look at the back
of the C-64 manual and use a continuity meter to verify which color RCA
jack is chroma and which is luma on your particular cables. Once
you have it set, just move the DIN-5 from machine to machine to verify
if they produce video or not.
> See, this is why I have such a poor opinion of the Commodore 64. Sure,
> technically it's a nice computer. But practically, it's a pile of shit.

If you ensure you have the right cable, it's trivial. One "problem"
with them using a generic connector for video is that people will
try anything that fits. I used to use an *audio* DIN-5 to RCA cable.
It had red, black, grey and white taps. It did *not* match the
color scheme of the 1702, but that's *my* fault for not paying for
a Commodore cable.


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