Conclusion: Commodore 64 *is* lame!

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Aug 25 12:18:00 2002

On Sun, 25 Aug 2002, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> Only the Rev A mobo has 5 pins. Most (nearly all surviving) units
> have a DIN-8 video connector, but only the 5 pins of a DIN-5 are
> essential to get sound and video.

Ethan, you're talking to a guy who has around 150 "surviving units" :) I
have a good enough sampling of them that I get flustered by the hardware
differences between them.

> Since you haven't mentioned if you are familiar with the 1702, let me
> ask a (possible dumb) question - do you have the switch on the back
> in the correct position? It's one way to use the chroma/luma inputs
> on the back, the other way to use the composite input on the front.

Yes, I figured that out pretty quick. The problem was the older units
(with the 5-pin DIN) not having chroma and luma signals; only composite.

> If you ensure you have the right cable, it's trivial. One "problem"
> with them using a generic connector for video is that people will
> try anything that fits. I used to use an *audio* DIN-5 to RCA cable.
> It had red, black, grey and white taps. It did *not* match the
> color scheme of the 1702, but that's *my* fault for not paying for
> a Commodore cable.

The problem was not knowing that the C64 changed its design at some point.
Now I'm a bit wiser.

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