Rescue needed: Xerox 820-II

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Aug 26 08:39:00 2002

  This sounds like a good opportunity for someone to obtain an instant XEROX collection! Contact Brian <> directly.


>From: sses <>
>Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 07:44:09 -0000
>Subject: Xerox 820-II
>X-Mailer: Opera 6.0 build 1010
>Hello Joe,
>I saw your note in the CPM news group re Xerox 820s. I have several
>boxes of manuals/disks for the Xerox 820-II. Plus I have a Xerox 820-II
>(16/8 bit) and few unopened boxes of a unknow Xerox 820 hardware
>related items that were mailed to me seven years ago. I never had the
>time to open and use them.
>Do you know of anyone in the Western New York (Rochester) area that
>would like to have all of these items for free. They would have to pick
>them up... I don't have the means to ship them. It will require a van or
>If I can't find someone to pick them up I will have to put them on the
>curb..... that would a painful decision.
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