MMD-1 / Mini-Micro Designer programming

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Date: Mon Aug 26 08:41:41 2002


   It's a real shame that your father threw out the instructions. The MMDs are pretty scarce and I've never seen the instructions for them. I used to have one but gave mine to Mike Haas. There were also a couple (with a bunch of add on cards) that were sold on E-bay recently. They were located in Australia.


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>I just subscribed to this list because I got my hands on an MMD-1. My teacher in digital tech was going to throw it away but I managed to stop him. He had already gotten rid of the instruction book. My problem is that I've never programmed anything like this before, and I'm having a hard time understanding anything of it. I have read a few threads in this list about the MMD-1, but they didn't help much. Let's say I want to put a number in one of the ports, how do I do that?
>address data mnemonic comment
>------- ----------- -------- --------------------------------------
>004 000 076 123 MVI A<-123 ; load 123 into A
>004 002 323 000 OUT 0 ; write it to port 0
>004 004 166 HALT
>(code from, so it's really for the MMD-2 but I think they are quite alike)
>Now that would put the octal number 123 in port 0, right?
>How do I enter this into the MMD-1?
>I've got an octal keypad plus the letters "H,L,G,S,R,A,B,C"... Anyone who knows exactly what they do?
>/Karl Bernst?l
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