Want To Buy: VOTRAX SC-01

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Aug 26 10:02:01 2002

--- Inform3r <inform3r_at_optonline.net> wrote:
> I'm interested in buying an old Votrax SC-01 chip. If anyone has one
> please contact me.

No kidding... I'm looking for one, too! Mine is for the card set from
the Gorf arcade machine. I have one complete Gorf machine (except for
the 19" Electrohome monitor - it died whilst on loan at a friend's
house) and one spare card set, minus the SC-01.

I got the card cages (6 cards, RAM, ROM, I/O, etc.) from a local surplus
house that's now in a trendy part of town - when I was a kid, the entire
area was run down and full of scrappers and strip clubs. :-)

The boards worked fine, but they had no home. I rigged up a wiring
harness from a variety of scrap - PC 5150 63W PSU, an Atari 2600
joystick and a DEC VR-240(?) color monitor (sync on green required)...
it took over the whole table, but it was playable.

About 12 years later, I picked up a Gorf box at an arcade auction (it
had Galaga boards in it - two of us split it up - I got the case/monitor,
the other guy got the Galaga boards). It had been painted over and the
controller replaced with a generic one, but the glass and marquee were
intact. Less than a year later, I bought an unconverted, broken Gorf
from an arcade operator - no glass (shattered), but unpainted and with
the original controller.

Three different sources, but I did manage to restore a complete Gorf

If anyone out there has another one SC-01 for sale (I'll wait my turn),
please let me know.



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