UnixPC 7300 --> 3b2

From: William Fulmor <wpfulmor_at_dimensional.com>
Date: Mon Aug 26 11:27:00 2002

On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, R. D. Davis wrote:

> Quothe Michael Davidson, from writings of Sun, Aug 25, 2002 at
> 11:03:30PM -0700:

> > FWIW the UnixPC 7300 which was belatedly adopted into the
> > 3B family, and renamed "3B1" by the marketing guys, despite

At both 'ends' ektually. 6300 --> 7300 --> 3b1 --> 3b?

Nice idea. Too bad, like most nice ideas in marketing, it didn't really

> The 7300 and 3B1 are not exactly alike... doesn't anyone here read the
> FAQs and other info. from the old 3B1/7300 archive (not sure if it
> still exists) before posting info. about these machines? Granted,
> they're basically the same machine, but there are a couple of minor
> differences, including the design of the case, etc.
> > having nothing in common with the other 3B machines, was
> > actually a close cousin of the CT Miniframe. (I'm not sure
> > if Convergent actually manufacured the 7300, but it was
> > certainly their design)

CT did, in fact, OEM the UnixPC (TM). The CT Mitiframe and Miniframe were
binary compatible withe the UnixPC (TM) (for certain values of binary and

> That info. has been known by 3B1/7300 users for many years, and
> looking in the the FAQ, etc. will reveal the answer. :-)

AAMOF, the 3b1 FAQ was posted to comp.sys.3b1 last nite (8/25/02), as any
truly dedicated reader would know :~).

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