DG Aviion & 3 phase supplies

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Date: Mon Aug 26 13:31:01 2002


  A lot of the systems that use 3 phase power actually have separate power supplies connected to each phase. If your's does then you can probably rewire the input and run all three power supplies off of one pahse. The drawback is that you put all three loads on to one phase so the current load can be SIGNIFICANT. However you can sometimes get around that by removing some of the memory, peripherals, CPUs etc. For example I found a BIG SGI Reality Engine 2 for a friend of mine. It has 1 Gb of physical memory, 16 CPUs and 8 graphics cards in it along with six (IIRC) power supplies. It was set up to run off of 3 phase 240VAC 30 amp service. My buddy removed all the graphics cards but one (he was going to use it in a single user mode anyway). He also removed most of the extra CPUs and about half of the memory. With all that removed he can now run it off of 2 (or3?) power supplies that are all running off of one phase. IIRC his actually operating current is about 22 Amps. That's a lot but with in the limits of wh
at's available in a single family home.

   Other possiblities are to use a BIG motor generator. You can run the motor off of single phase power and use it to drive a three phase generator. But that may not be very practicle. In my buddies case, he would have needed 90 AMP 1 phase incoming power to supply (rated) 30 Amp 3 phase and that's assuming 100% conversion. The motor and generator would also be huge!


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>UK mains question : If I have a DG Aviion computer and it wants
>feeding with three phase power, is there any way I can get it to work
>off a single phase supply?
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