reviving a HP 9000/310

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Aug 26 20:41:00 2002

At 01:53 AM 8/27/02 +0100, you wrote:
>I'm currently trying to make an old HP 9000/310 machine work.
>Some information about the machine and the status of the
>"project" can be found out at:
>What I currently need is either a way to crack into the
>HP-UX that is already installed on the box,

  Did you try "Root"? I got lucky with a couple of the drives that I picked up and found that they didn't have a password setup for the root directory. From what I hear, HPs are just about impossible to break into if they have a password installed.

   FWIW I picked a HP 7958B hard drive from a scrap place yesterday. According to the stickers on it it came from NASA KSC and was used on a unix system (in other words HP-UX). But I checked the drive today and it has a fault. It spins up but then spins down and the fault light comes on. Oh well, better luck next time. Also found a HP 9888 expansion chassis. I haven't checked it yet but it looks like it's in decent condition.

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