reviving a HP 9000/310

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Mon Aug 26 23:38:00 2002

At 01:53 AM 8/27/02 +0100, you wrote:
>What I currently need is either a way to crack into the
>HP-UX that is already installed on the box, or a floppy
>set (== images which can be written to floppies) of HP-UX
>that would run on this machine which sports a Motorola
>68010/10MHz CPU, 2MB RAM, and a HP9153C 40MB HP-IB hard
>disk drive / 3.5" floppy drive combo.

Ok, I have now seen your boot messages; I think that your
best bet is to try to mount the drive on another early hpux
system and edit /etc/passwd. I don't know how to boot
single user in such an early system.


Carlos E. Murillo-Sanchez
Received on Mon Aug 26 2002 - 23:38:00 BST

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