Looking to program a N82S181

From: Tom Uban <uban_at_ubanproductions.com>
Date: Mon Aug 26 21:23:00 2002

At 05:45 PM 8/26/2002 -0700, you wrote:
> Is there anyone that is in the silicon valley area
>that can program N82S181's? Also, does anyone have
>a source for or N82S181C parts?
> This is for an Olivetti M20 that I'm working on.

Hi Dwight,

You might look for a cross in this page:


Also, Jameco has the 82S181 parts for $6.95 each (1-9). I've
found that you have to be careful about the manufacturer when
programming them as they are not all the same. The hard part
may be finding a programmer which will do them...

You may also check for an NTE equivalent part.

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