Looking to program a N82S181

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Sat Aug 31 21:12:26 2002

Hi, Dwight,

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On 26-Aug-02 at 17:45 Dwight K. Elvey wrote:

> Is there anyone that is in the silicon valley area
>that can program N82S181's?

        I'm about 800 or so miles north (southeast of Seattle), but I can program those if you don't mind doing mail order.

>Also, does anyone have
>a source for or N82S181C parts?

        Yikes... No idea on that one. That particular part came from Signetics, and Signetics was bought out many moons ago by Phillips.

        You might try plugging the device number into the Google search engine and see what happens.

        My programming rates are on my web site at http://www.bluefeathertech.com/devices.html

        Let me know if you want to do the programming.

        Thanks much.

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