[OT] UK TV Licenses (was Re: These darned old computers)

From: Hans B Pufal <hansp_at_aconit.org>
Date: Tue Aug 27 08:10:01 2002

Antonio Carlini wrote:
> Joe wrote:

>>>> That's true but most products are still cheaper here than in the
>>>>UK. Explain that one!

>>>Three letters - VAT.

> The US generally has sales tax which (I believe) is
> more or less exactly what VAT is (except VAT is 17.5%
> and Sales Taxes are generally lower ...) so the difference
> lies (mostly) elsewhere ...

Indeed, and from my experience here in France, with a sales tax of
almost 20%, prices still seem to be cheaper than in the UK. In the UK
you get a double whammy, high prices AND low salaries.

   -- hbp
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