These darned old computers

From: Christopher McNabb <>
Date: Tue Aug 27 20:58:00 2002

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From: "Tony Duell" <>
> Some US company (I forget who) made an ultrasonic remote controlled valve
> where the remote was essentially tuned metal bars that were mechanically
> hit when the button was pressed. No electronics in the handset at all.
> The receiver in the TV detected one of 4 (or so) different frequencies
> corresponding to the 4 buttons on the remote, and then operated a relay
> to trigger the appropriate function (I think channel selection was done
> using an electromechanical stepping swtich, etc).

Boy, that brings back memories. We had one of these sets when I was in
I believe it was a Zenith, though I wouldn't swear to it. I used to get a
kick out of clicking
the buttons just to hear the sounds. You are correct in that the channel
selection was
electro-mechanical. It was also a very loud mechanism.

This type of remote control is also where the term 'clicker' came from.
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