IIc+ mouse `A+ Little Mouse'

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Aug 28 21:59:00 2002

--- Robert Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org> wrote:
> Found a IIc+ the other day at the thrift store, someone screwed up, it
> was only marked $7something.


> Had a mouse attached to it, and it wasn't until I
> got it home that I noticed it was an optical mouse. Mfgr'd by Mouse
> Systems... It seems that the IIc+ will take the older DE9 style Mac
> mice, so this might be for one of those.

Didn't know they made them like that. AFAIK, it's possible to swab
pins around and use that with an Amiga, too. I *know* you can make
a pin swabber for an MS Bus Mouse.

> Does this little guy need a fancy pad?

I would expect so. They are much rarer than the mice.

> Also, any pointers to IIc+ specific
> sites? I'm googling, but I'd appreciate any hints.

I'd love to hear about them, too. I got my //c+ for $15 at a hamfest,
monitor and Imagewriter and external 5.25" drive included.

Nice score, Bob.


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