From: Curt Vendel <curt_at_atari-history.com>
Date: Wed Aug 28 22:01:00 2002

WASD??? I'll look into it. What kills me is I used to have a few CD's
with Multinet on them and as the years went by they disappeared, I have all
of the books for Digital TCP Services but can't find the CD for that either,
damned shame.

The Hobbyist thing, its what $90 to join and get the cd's and such or
something like that, right?


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Subject: Re: VMS TCP/IP?

> > Besides Multinet and TCPware, are there any freeware TCP services for
> > 6.1 and higher??? Anyone have any experience with the Purveyor
> > for VMS?
> >
> > Curt
> Last I checked Multinet and TCPware weren't freeware, however, they are
> available via the Hobbyist program. Also available via the Hobbyist
> is Compaq TCPIP/DEC UCX. If you really want freeware, there is CMU
> it's only for the VAX. If you want to run with something as old as 6.1
> best bet is likely to either be Multinet or TCPWare.
> As for Purveyor, I tried it out shortly after Process Software made it
> available. It seems pretty nice, but it's unsupported, as a result I'm
> running WASD on my VMS server.
> Zane
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