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Date: Wed Aug 28 22:06:00 2002

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Subject: VMS TCP/IP?

> Besides Multinet and TCPware, are there any freeware TCP services for VMS
> 6.1 and higher???

There is CMU/IP, freeware IP stack originally developed at Carnegie-Mellon
Not sure what version it was in the end, 6.something I think, most things
work ok with it, though it's a little slow.
Rather buggy too, though perhaps less so than the versions of UCX that were
around at the time it was written.
Haven't seen anything on it for a while, I think the support mailing list is
dead these days. I think there are still versions
of it out there in use and a search of the web will find it for you
Open source so those with the skills could tinker with it, but it's getting
pretty old. Can't recall what language it was written in,
I don't *think* it was c.

UCX is available and comes on the VMS distribution these days, still a bit
twitchy but
better than it was, if you have the hobbyist VMS licence it covers it too

> Anyone have any experience with the Purveyor webserver for VMS?

No, but WASD is freeware, and very well supported. We are a WASD beta site
and I know
the developer personally, he telnets in to play with it on the Vax here.
(Lives in Adelaide, just up the road, - about 140 miles)
Really good. It doesn't like CMU though, we tried it early in the WASD
development days
and it did some very odd things to web pages that were completely cured by a
shift to Multinet...

Works ok with Multinet, UCX (properly patched) and TCPWare. Still using
Multinet 3.2 Rev B here. (OLD now)
Available for Vax or Alpha. (Runs on Vax 6440 VMS 6.0 here).


Geoff in Oz
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