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From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Aug 29 16:53:00 2002

At 09:42 PM 8/29/02 +0100, John wrote:
>Joe wrote:
>> I found a small circuit board marked "Data I/O", "702-1072" and
>> "Plug in Adapter".
>> There is also a paper label on the board that says "910-1347-1 E".
>I've got one with "715-1398" and "Socket Adaptor". Mine is an
>adaptor for TI 2716 EPROMs in a Data I/O 29A EPROM programmer.
>> It has two 16 pin DIP ICs on it. I can't see their part numbers
>> because they have paper labels on them.
>They may be PALs. Many manufacturers added paper labels to PALs
>after programming them.
>> The board mounts using three metal standoffs and has a row of
>> 14 pins along the left and right hand edges.
>Making 28 pins in all?

> 0.6inches apart?

  The pins are .1 apart but the two rows are about 2 inches apart. This is NOT made to fit into a LSI IC socket!

 Or wider than that (mine's
>wider)? As if to fit into an EPROM socket?

   Much wider. About two inches wide and there are three metal standoffs that stick down about an inch and they're also located BETWEEN the rows of pins so it definitely can't fit into a single socket.

>> Can anyone tell me what it is?
>I think it's an add-on for a Data I/O EPROM programmer.

    I guessed that much :-)

>John Honniball
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