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> Thanks for all of this information, it looks as if the mouse, which looks
> like the right sort of mouse, is one of the mice used for the Indigo2.
> Which unfortunatly is a PS/2 mouse, the person I got the indigo from,
> though is going to have a bit of a poke round and see if he can find the
> original mouse. Its from a university who are pretty anal about keeping
> all of these things together. so hopefully it will turn up..

Maybe this will help: there are basically 4 mice that have been used on

Some early 4D's used an optical mouse made by Mouse Systems, rather
rectangular in shape; it's possible to convert some old Sun optical mice to
SGI use and vice-versa (see the 4DFAQ aka "This Old SGI" for details).
 BTW, having the mouse work correctly on one axis but not the other is a
common symptom of using a mouse pad with the wrong line spacing. Some
people have in the past incorrectly attributed this to "one of the LEDs not
working", but in fact the perceived non-illumination is because one LED is
visible red and the other is infrared.

Most Personal Irises and the original Indigo (both R3000 and R4000 models)
use a Mouse Systems mechanical mouse, which has a 6-pin miniDIN that plugs
into the keyboard. This is basically a serial mouse. It's a beige colour,
same as the keyboard, with about 32" of cable, part no 9150800. Benjamin,
are you sure you've not misread the last digit? I've checked half-a-dozen
mice in case I had any variants...

The Indigo^2, Indy, and later machines use a PS/2 type mouse, also 6-pin
miniDIN, which plugs into the machine (which has two PS/2 ports, one for
the mouse and one for the keyboard). The first ones were made by Mouse
Systems and look just like the earlier Indigo serial mice, except that they
are normally granite (grey) in colour, have a much longer cable -- about
105" -- and a different part number: 063-0001-001. The very earliest ones,
however, were beige (the earliest Indy keyboards were beige).

Later Indys, and O2/Octane/Origin/Onyx2 and the like, were sold with a PS/2
mouse made by Logitek. It's a rebadged 3-button Pilot mouse (equivalent
Logitek type M-S35), also granite coloured, part no 063-0009-001.

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