SGI Indigo..

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Aug 29 19:07:00 2002

> > I also have a rebadged Logitech mouse, model# M-S43, SGI
> > part# 063-0010-001, that is dark gray, almost black in color. It's
>> PS/2 and I've used it on my Indigo2 in place of the granite
>> 063-0009-001, which I also have.
>Unusual. Any idea what it was originally for? Do you know if there was a
>matching keyboard?

        No idea, as it was included with my Indigo2 when I got it.
No matching keyboard, just the standard 9500900. It's not listed on
any of the part# lists, such as Jodeman's and I've never been able to
find a reference to that particular part# on either the web or
Usenet. It does still have the cube logo on the label on the bottom
vice the newer style logo.

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