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Date: Thu Aug 29 22:06:00 2002

Thanks for all of this information,
another thing, can anyone help me with installing IRIX 6.5 on this
machine, unfortunatly, I don't have any of the 5.3 media for this machine,
and other than 6.3 (which is O2 specific) I only have 6.5.

NB: this is a R4000 Indigo

When I go to install IRIX on this machine, it will put the miniroot on to
the external drive (set to scsi ID 1, it has No internal drives) also the
external scsi cd drive is set to ID 4. When it tries to boot the miniroot
it fails, saying something like it can't find the file unix. Any ideas at
all? I have sort of Run out of ideas here, I have never had any issues
with installing IRIX on my o2.


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