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Date: Thu Aug 29 23:48:01 2002

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> Thanks for all of this information,
> another thing, can anyone help me with installing IRIX 6.5 on this
> machine, unfortunatly, I don't have any of the 5.3 media for this machine,
> and other than 6.3 (which is O2 specific) I only have 6.5.
> NB: this is a R4000 Indigo
> When I go to install IRIX on this machine, it will put the miniroot on to
> the external drive (set to scsi ID 1, it has No internal drives) also the
> external scsi cd drive is set to ID 4. When it tries to boot the miniroot
> it fails, saying something like it can't find the file unix. Any ideas at
> all? I have sort of Run out of ideas here, I have never had any issues
> with installing IRIX on my o2.
> Regards...
> Benjamin
Argh Replying to my own messages now...

Anyway I have had some sucess, looked round on the net, and found via that
wonderfull thing google groups, a recomendation to low level format the
drive if one has the problems that I have had. NB: it did come with a
warning that it could ruin the disk.

Anyway after 85 mins or so of low level formatting, it set up the drive,
and all is good.. The install is a little on the slow side, but hopefully
that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Now another quick question if I may, is it possible to use 4DWM without a
mouse, so I can set this machine up on my network, or would going via a
text terminal be the best way? and if I use a text terminal (VT400) how do
I go about setting up the IP address and the like on this machine?

Thanks again
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