Um, OK....

From: Chris <>
Date: Sat Aug 31 16:01:01 2002

> One of the well-known two-edged factors in collecting like we do is
>the fact that all your friends/neighbors/colleagues/family decide you're
>a better option than Goodwill. "Don't throw out that rusty 3.5" floppy
>drive! Doc _collects_ that stuff!"

Oh gee, and I just have the a-hole friends that use me for tech support
for the life of their computer, and then when they decide to upgrade it,
they throw out the old one without even ASKING if I wanted it!!!! (sorry,
I'm a bit bitter since a friend's younger brother just did this to me. He
had an iMac that he bought used, and had been having problems with, and
has been using me for the last two years for support to keep it running.
Well, he got sick of it this week, and bought a new one. I found out last
night when my friend was raving about how great his brother's new iMac G4
was... and when I asked what he did with the old one, I just about drove
over there to choke the living shit out of the kid when I was told that
it went in the garbage on Wednesday's curbside pickup)

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