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From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sat Aug 31 16:35:00 2002

On Sat, 31 Aug 2002, Chris wrote:

> > One of the well-known two-edged factors in collecting like we do is
> >the fact that all your friends/neighbors/colleagues/family decide you're
> >a better option than Goodwill. "Don't throw out that rusty 3.5" floppy
> >drive! Doc _collects_ that stuff!"
> Oh gee, and I just have the a-hole friends that use me for tech support
> for the life of their computer, and then when they decide to upgrade it,
> they throw out the old one without even ASKING if I wanted it!!!! (sorry,
> I'm a bit bitter since a friend's younger brother just did this to me. He

  Oh. Well, yeah. They're mostly the same folk. As contradictory as
that sounds, it is really the truth.

> had an iMac that he bought used, and had been having problems with, and
> has been using me for the last two years for support to keep it running.
> Well, he got sick of it this week, and bought a new one. I found out last
> night when my friend was raving about how great his brother's new iMac G4
> was... and when I asked what he did with the old one, I just about drove
> over there to choke the living shit out of the kid when I was told that
> it went in the garbage on Wednesday's curbside pickup)

  Argh. I think we all have a whole collection of experiences like
that. Let me guess. "But I thought you only like OLD Macs?"

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