Old DOS software

From: Tony Baechler <tony_at_baechler.net>
Date: Sat Aug 31 21:12:56 2002

Hello all. I am looking for MSDOS software from the early 1980's. I have
some leads, but not many. Specifically, what I want is the entire PC-BLUE,
PC-SIG, and any other similar collections. I would prefer to download them
from someone and burn my own CDs but if you have them on CD-ROM and you are
willing to sell that is fine. Here are what leads I have.

I looked on google for PC-BLUE and found that oak.oakland.edu apparently
had everything but are long gone. I used to download from there in 1997
but apparently there are no full mirrors left. However, ftp.mirror.ac.uk
has several disks but nothing past 1989. I know that there were more than
this by a 1991 post I found from the old simtel20 indicating that volumes
were still being added. I would like the full set, even files into the 1990's.

Regarding PC-SIG, google showed almost nothing at all. I tried every set
of keywords I could think of, but there is very little to be found. Again,
ftp.mirror.ac.uk had quite a bit but cut off at 1989. I know they had at
least 1,000 disks, probably over 2,000. I used to download them from a
local BBS many years ago, so I know they sold a CD-ROM. If I could buy or
download that somehow I would be very happy. They are now out of
business. Amazon might have it but I doubt it since they cannot get them
from the publisher and have been known to offer items which they did not
really have.

Finally, I found another directory called COMUG which I assume was another
user group. Does anyone know if there are any other disks from them
besides those posted? I am in the US. You can write either on or off-list
if you can help. I have no ftp upload space unfortunately. I can use .iso
CD images. Sorry if this is off topic, but the FAQ seems to not be working.
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