8' Hard drive on PC

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Sun Dec 1 02:12:00 2002

> I have an old Intel RMX Sys86/330 system (white cabinet)which I'd got
> working a few years back, but has fallen over again.
> All I'm really interested in is getting the data (mostly ASM source)on
> the hard drive onto a PC. I also have boxes full (heaps!) of 8"
> floppies for this system that I'd like to get the data off and over to
> a PC.
> What I'd like to be able to do is connect my 8" HDD to a PC and D/L all
> the data directly - likewise with the 8" FDD. Am I wasting my time, or
> is this possible? Making interfaces / electronics is no problem, and I
> have all the gear like CRO, logic probe, etc.

To read those diskettes, get an FDADAP card from Dbit, www.dbit.com.
That will let you cable up the 8" drive to the floppy controller in
your PC.

The hard drive is *much* more problematic. There isn't any way
to hook it up to any sort of normal PC hard disk controller.

Note that a PC disk controller can NOT read double-density floppies
from Intel development systems (Series II/III MDS, or MDS-800).
The double density format Intel used on their development systems is not
MFM, but rather M2FM. Normal floppy controllers can't read it.

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