Intel RMX 86/330 system Re: 8\" Hard drive on PC

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Dec 1 07:27:00 2002

At 11:12 PM 11/30/02 -800, you wrote:
>> At 03:45 PM 11/30/02 +1100, you wrote:
>> Holy Shit! I just scrapped four of those things. I bought them (minus hard drives :-( but could never find any info, docs or software for them so I finally gave up and stripped them and saved the cards for my other Multibus systems.
>Sounds like you have the parts he needs to get his system going again :)

     Very possibly. One problem with these is that they have tons of jumpers on them and I have absolutely no docs for them. That's only one of the reasons that I gave up on the computers.

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