Selling it off. What would you keep ?

From: Ernest <>
Date: Sun Dec 1 11:09:00 2002

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> 4) Take two aspirin and wait for the aberration (getting out of classic
> collecting) to pass. You'll feel horrible if you give it all away and then
> start trying to re-assemble a collection.

Yup. This is my greatest fear in letting go of my systems. However, I have
found new homes for quite a bit of my stuff and so far, I haven't been sorry
yet. Of course, I haven't cut down to the bone yet so it's hard to say how I
might feel if I were to let go of particular systems. For instance, I spent
several years looking for a Micro SCI Havac before I found one, and it's
currently neatly packed away in storage. Would I kick myself later on if I
were to let go of it now? I don't know, and that's what make breaking the
bonds hard. What are the odds that I would ever find some of my clones
again, should I ever decide to rebuild my collection? Slim in many cases,
and next to impossible in others. I just don't know if I'm fully ready yet
even though I know that letting go is probably the right thing to do.

On the topic of ebay, I just sold seven bits of junk on ebay for 288.00 USD.
These were items that various people dumped on my doorstep because they just
wanted to get rid of them. I had duplicates of almost everything there, so I
spent ten minutes posting the ads, made $288.00, and several folks in Japan
are very happy to have bought items that they were excited to find. In my
opinion, ebay is the best thing to happen for the hobby of collecting, if
for no other reason than because it gives people an incentive to sell items
that they might otherwise have simply thrown away.

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