Selling it off. What would you keep ?

From: James Rice <>
Date: Sun Dec 1 21:49:08 2002

My (current) wife has never known me without my collection. My first
wife hated them. I introduced Ronda (#2) to the 'net. Now she spends
more time on line than I do. She's not into hardware, she is a user.
 Doesn't care what's in the box, what runs on the box or why/how the box
works, as long as her given set of software works. When it works fast
and smoothly, she's happy. As far as my collection goes, she really
doesn't care. Ronda moved out of our home office to the study
downstairs, so I would have more room. I've also convinced her to let
me install a seperate A/C for the office.


Jeffrey Sharp wrote:

>On Saturday, November 30, 2002, James Rice wrote:
>>I think my wife says prayers of thanks each day, that I don't like or
>>collect big iron or mini's.
>My girlfriend of ~5 months didn't know me when I didn't collect. Thankfully,
>she is used to my house full of classiccmp stuff, having never seen it with
>other contents. There's one thing I won't have to worry about.

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