free Wang 6540-1 and Fortune 32:16 systems in the Chicago area

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Sun Dec 1 22:18:00 2002

A friend of mine is cleaning house and has the following two systems
available for free pickup in the Chicago area:

CPU: Wang model 6540-1 with Wang hard drive model number 6580, Magenetic
Peripherials Inc,
Control Data corp., Model number 9448 Cartridge Drive, Part No. 77717013 (condition unknown)

Fortune 32:16

Condition: the hard drive does not spin up. Last time I tried to power it
up, it
displayed: 1 2 3 and then hangs (probably because of the hard drive.) I think
it used to count to 10 as it boots.

If you are interested in one or both of these, please send email to:

Bill (jackbot AT yahoo DOT com) be sure to replace the AT and DOT accordingly.

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