HP/Dec/Sun... vs Oddballs

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Wed Dec 4 09:32:00 2002

  I have a Wicat 68000 class mini with manuals, Eagle SMD
  drive(s) and Pertec tape controller from about 1982 that I've
  kept for three years because of its magtape support. Over that
  time I've built up DEC systems to do the same function. Support
  for SMD is still missing, but that's OK. This is a nice working
  system with at least 10X the power of a PC of that era, and a
  great workable OS. With space at a premium for me (this is a
  one-rack system), I'm letting everyone here know that I intend to
  toss the system in 30 days if there are no takers. A pretty
  horrifying thought to some, but this represents practicality on my

  If anyone wants to be a taker or knows any others, even worldwide,
  who might be interested, drop me a note.

  I will be taking no action on this until well after 01-Jan, so
  everyone can have happy holidays.

John A.
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