Reformatting TU58-Tapes, (was: HP Protocol Analyzers )

From: Frank Arnold <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 09:51:53 2002

Eric Smith wrote:
>Anyhow, the big problem with reformatting them for use on other systems
>is that there is no known way to format them back into TU58 tapes if
>you ever need any. :-(
>And I could definitely use some TU58 tapes, but not if they've been
>formatted into something else.

I once got a "TU58i" Monitor-program in an EPROM that replaces the original
firmware of a TU58, and then should provide the ability to (re)format a TU58 or
DC100 cartridge in a normal TU58 drive. Anybody ever heard of this?

I still should have it somewhere around although I didn't use it myself, so I
have no practical experience of it. But if anyone is interested to experiment
with it, I would try to dig it out one of many boxes in my garage marked with:
"interesting things, sort out some day".

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