Reformatting TU58-Tapes, (was: HP Protocol Analyzers )

From: Megan <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 21:18:00 2002

>> I once got a "TU58i" Monitor-program in an EPROM that replaces the
>> original firmware of a TU58, and then should provide the ability to
>> (re)format a TU58 or DC100 cartridge in a normal TU58 drive. Anybody
>> ever heard of this?
>Conventional wisdom holds that it's not possible to format TU58
>cartridges, but I've long suspected that DEC must have had alternate
>firmware for in-house use for this purpose.

I once had such an eprom myself... I may still have it somewhere, but
we never got a chance to use it.

One of the protos I have from way back when is a suitcase pdp-11
with TU58s as the system device. Since it had originally been
designed for use by Field Service, it ran a different set of
software than any of the traditional OSes, and so used an entirely
different EPROM on the TU58 interface board. In order to boot RT,
I had to remove that old EPROM (which I believe I saved, somewhere)
and installed one from a regular TU58 board...

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