Replacement Power Supply for old Toshiba Laptop?

From: Ez Dc <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 10:00:22 2002

Hello, I'm new here, and I've got a problem with an
old Laptop. I just purchased a Toshiba T5200 in a flea
market, which can be seen here...

...and I bought it for $1! A total bargain,
but...unsurprisingly, it's broken...kinda broken. I've
opened it up to determine the cause of what's wrong
with it, as it won't turn on. A little tinkering
later, and, boom, the power supply of the Laptop fries
itself up. Damage looks bad, and it stinks really
bad...a poisonous sort of smell, so I've thrown the
offending power supply to the garbage. Now I have a
laptop...with no power supply. But, is it possible to
buy a replacement power supply for this? Or, is it
even possible to just hook it up to a regular PC's
power supply?

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