Replacement Power Supply for old Toshiba Laptop?

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 11:23:01 2002

   Re the Toshiba T5200....

   Try though I see no 5200 stuff listed, probably
because it's getting rather old for such support. They have provisions to
e-mail them with your request, as they have many items not listed but
still in stock.

  I have a Toshiba 420CD Satellite which I blew up in a foreign country
when the line voltage went to 300+ during the night while it was charging.
The same thing happened - the internal inverter let out the Magic Smoke
and died. The replacement inverter was $45 from acsparts, but I bought a
more current laptop instead and use the older on at home in a static mode
- ie. it sits in one place and never moves, so I wired up a 15VDC 2A power
supply (which is the internal power bus of that particular model) and
bypassed the inverter entirely. It works fine, battery stays charged,

   All this being said - I have seen several T5200 changing hands
recently, and if the price is under pnds /5 or maybe /10 if it's complete
with all accessories and a lot of software, then you can't go too wrong.
Remember it's a momchrome 386 with a 100M hard-to-find HD, so it depends
on your intended use as to what value you might place on one.


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