My first good find!!!

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 16:43:00 2002

Hi all,
    I'm currently in a very good mood because I've found a Jupiter Ace in
near-mint condition, complete with 16k RAMPack, intro tape and a copy of the
book "Jupiter Ace FORTH Programming" by Steven Vickers. All this, including
the polystyrene box for the rampack (and rampack instructions) cost me the
rather feeble sum of two British pounds.
    Now, there is a catch. The machine didn't come with a power supply. So,
can someone with an Ace, working PSU and a multimeter please tell me what
the polarity and voltage of the PSU's output is? I'm hesitant to power up
the Ace in case I end up fouling up the settings, with fairly predictable

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