My first good find!!!

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Date: Sat Dec 7 17:24:10 2002

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> I'm currently in a very good mood because I've found a Jupiter Ace in
> near-mint condition, complete with 16k RAMPack, intro tape and a
> copy of the book "Jupiter Ace FORTH Programming" by Steven Vickers. All
> including the polystyrene box for the rampack (and rampack instructions)
cost me the
> rather feeble sum of two British pounds.

Nice one! I wonder if that book is online somewhere since it's the only
thing I haven't got.....

> Now, there is a catch. The machine didn't come with a power
> supply. So,
> can someone with an Ace, working PSU and a multimeter please tell me what
> the polarity and voltage of the PSU's output is? I'm hesitant to power up
> the Ace in case I end up fouling up the settings, with fairly predictable
> results.

Tony's not far wrong with his guess (as usual :). The PSU I have in my
sweaty mitts here says 9V 800ma and I've tested centre (tip) positive. I was
going to say you could get away with a ZX81 PSU but they're 700ma and the
ZX80 is 600ma. Oh, the voltage I got was ~14V so it requires a load to bring
it down to 9V.


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