Web Site Question (was: OT: _spam_)

From: Jeffrey Sharp <jss_at_subatomix.com>
Date: Wed Dec 4 20:49:00 2002

On Wednesday, December 4, 2002, Sellam Ismail wrote:
> Saturated colors are so 90s. It's the new millenium, man. Pastel is in!

I like pastel colors. When I was into tweaking around with Linux and *BSD on
the desktop, I kept wondering why everyone else had these setups where
everything was dark. I couldn't see anything in those screenshots! I
seriously doubted that real work could be done with those color schemes.

Seriously: Am I the only one who can't see _at_#$% in this screenshot?

Due to some medical problems (long story), my color vision is kinda
squirrely. I have lots of trouble with dark colors; they all look black to
me. I can't tell the difference between navy and black slacks in a clothing
store, for instance. I think this is why I like light colors.

So if the colors are really screwed up on the web site, please let me know.
I might not be able to see it.

Jeffrey Sharp
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